28 July 2020

train your muse

During the pandemic, I've been amazed at the quantity and quality of submissions we get at Electric Spec. Creativity in the time of COVID is not easy, so, kudos! I have heard writers can become better via the practice of writing regularly. It's as if writing is a muscle that becomes stronger with more practice. Along these same lines...

Scientists think people can train themselves to be more creative.

  • Brainstorm, but don't stop at your first ideas.
  • Don't listen to your 'inner-editor.' Accept all ideas without judgement.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time. Don't worry about running out of ideas.
  • Make use of downtime. Let your subconscious work behind the scenes.
  • Give yourself a comfortable place to create. This might include things like scented candles or a soft chair.
  • Go outside. Scientists have proved nature de-stresses us. Consider even turning off all your devices.
  • Practice makes perfect. Make it a habit to create.

Good luck training your muse!

Next week I'll talk about the production meeting. Take care!

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