02 February 2021

Feb Production Meeting

We are now in full production mode for the fabulous February 2021 issue of Electric Spec! We recently had the corresponding production meeting. Yes, it was virtual. We are all getting good at virtual meetings, aren't we? Interestingly, the editors strongly disagreed about what our favorite stories were. However, we fought it out and ended up with five excellent stories. I'll tell you more as the month of Feb progresses.

This means all authors should have heard from us by this week if you submitted within the Feb 2021 window. If you did not hear from us, your story may have gotten lost in cyberspace. Authors who got acceptances should have also received a contract by now. As soon as you agree to the contract, we'll start editing your story.

We will be featuring cover art "Denial" by Anselmo J. Alliegro. The artist says, "This painting depicts a retreat into a bubble, whether it be virtual, the media, or any medium that alienates us from each other and the natural world. The person floats inside a bubble of denial, while the environment outside is degraded and burning."
Stay tuned later in the month for a sneak peek of "Denial" right here!

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