02 March 2021

Woo hoo! New issue!

We're still very excited about the fabulous February 2021 issue of Electric Spec. Perhaps you've already devoured the whole thing? If not...

Here's what we've got for you in our first 2021 issue:

  • "Al and the Skeleton Tree" by Paul Wilson--Is the most notorious tree in a run-down neighborhood really haunted...or is the mystery even deeper?
  • "Keeper John" by Bill Hughes--An elite courier of magical artifacts receives the deadliest package of his career.
  • "The Flip Side" by Jay Tyler--Extreme measures to control overpopulation conceal an even darker secret.
  • "Visiting Hours" by Selah Janel--The faerie hunter known as the Erlking pursues the one mortal who escaped him.
  • "Paper Wings" by Brian Low--In the chaos of the Three Kingdoms era, a young scavenger befriends a magical paper bird.

Woo hoo!

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