03 August 2021

Production Meeting Notes

We had a great Production Meeting for the awesome August 2021 issue of Electric Spec. We did end up meeting virtually which meant all of our feline assistant editors were able to attend. Meow! (What is it about cats and virtual meetings?!)
We had a large number of wonderful stories to choose from. Yay! We had trouble deciding, so ended up picking six stories. Yes, this is unusual!

Thus, all authors have, or will soon, hear from us regarding the disposition of submitted stories. 'Yes' authors should have, or will soon, receive a contract. As soon as we get those back, we start editing stories. Some editors think this is the funnest part of being an editor--helping make stories even better.

Our tech team has already starting creating the issue on the website. We are looking forward to getting blog entries from authors/artists for this very blog.
So, stay tuned for more Electric Spec info right here!

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