28 September 2021

Let's have a good author-editor relationship!

The deadline for the notable November 2021 issue of Electric Spec is coming up: October 15, 2021! Get those stories in!

As editors, we sincerely appreciate you sending us your stories. We also appreciate you following the rest of the rules we've set up, based on years of experience:

  • send an rtf file in an attachment
  • use standard manuscript formatting
  • include a short cover letter in your email
  • use the appropriate email address
  • do not query us about your submission. Please recall we publish 4 issues per year, so we don't keep your sub for longer than 4 months maximum without contacting you. If you haven't heard from us within 4 months, something went awry.
  • upon acceptance, please return the contract in a timely manner
  • stay open to critique from your assigned editor. Please note we will not force any manuscript changes on authors.
  • return your revised story in a timely manner
If you do these things, we will have a good author-editor relationship! Woo hoo!

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