14 March 2023

Celebrating super stories!

Huzzah! We're still celebrating the fabulous February 2023 Electric Spec issue!
So many super stories...
  • "What the Buck!" by Zoë Blaylock--Discover what happens when the only thing worse than being abducted by aliens is not being abducted by aliens.
  • "Hecesiiteihii" by Jim Genia--A young warrior encounters a legend from the pre-colonial past of North America in the modern world.
  • "The Willingham Bay Witches" by Sarah Jackson--What's more dangerous than being a detective? Trying to solve mysteries in a town full of witches.
  • "Duet for a Soloist" by Jameyanne Fuller--Music and magic intertwine as the rivalry between two sisters reaches its crescendo.
  • "Galatea at the Circus" by Ana Gardner--When a virtual being enters a circus of the imagination, her freedom is on the line.
Which story is your favorite?

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