06 February 2024

Production Meeting report

Woo hoo! We had a successful Electric Spec production meeting for the fabulous February 28, 2024 issue! If you submitted art or fiction for this issue: Thank you! We appreciate your efforts!

Authors should hear back from editors with a yay or nay this week. (Many of these emails have already gone out.) Please check your spam or junk folders. If you got an acceptance, please email us back ASAP because the February issue has a short turn-around. Once we hear back, we will start editing stories. This may involve multiple back-and-forths with authors.

After we get a final story version with the author, the story still has to go for proofreading. And, then, we pass the story off to the tech team.
We also add the authors' and artist's bios to the website and write the Letter from the Editors. And hopefully, we'll get some fun blog entries to post right here later in the month.
If everything goes smoothly, the authors and artist will get paid on February 27, 2024. We will publish on Feb 28--we haven't missed a deadline yet!

Check back here next week for more info about the fun new issue!

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