27 October 2006

Both Sides of the Fence

I finally made time to check out the whole blog thing. I searched for Electric Spec on Blogger and found 15 entries (17 if you count the 2 electrical engineering posts). It's so interesting to see what the writers say about our submission process, the editing of their stories, their feelings about rejections and acceptances, etc. Perhaps every editor should try submitting a few stories to publications; it would provide a clear view into the angst and wonderment of being a writer. I also was going to add, "and every writer should seriously edit a few issues of a publication to learn about the effort involved in such an enterprise," but gee, I scared myself into silence on that one. With all the syntax, punctuation, grammar, and general narrative misadventures submitted by hopeful, well-intentioned writers, who, unfortunately, need more training in mechanics and story development, who knows what the finished pub product would look like? Anyway, as a writer and an editor, I feel fortunate to experience the view from both sides of the fence.

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Rashenbo said...

Hehehe, and what a big fence it is! As a writer, you've got to know your own strengths and weaknesses. When you sit back and say, "Brava, here's the next best selling *insert here*" - you've got to take a reality check.

I know my weaknesses - commas are as slippery as black ice in the winter for me. I could never be an editor. I have the hardest time editing my own work and locating those places where grammar and mechanics stick out.