24 October 2006

Uncle Orson's Writing Class

Renata forwarded me an awesome webpage: Uncle Orson's Writing Class, which consists of writing tips and more from the fabulous writer Orson Scott Card. On this webpage he covers tons of stuff from 'Do I need an agent?' to 'Formatting Outlines and Manuscripts'.
There is also a Hatrack River Writers Workshop Forum containing several discussion areas and more. I'd love to hear back about experiences with this.

I personally believe Mr.Card is among the best writers of all time. Right now I'm reading his "Maps in a Mirror", which is excellent! Not only does it contain most (all?) of his short fiction, but it contains the intriguing backstories on the stories, and amazing essays on topics such as what fantasy is and why it speaks to the human condition. Awesome!
And I promise I get no kickbacks of any kind from this endorsement. Really. :)

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Betsy Dornbusch said...

On your recommendation, I'm also reading Maps in a Mirror. I agree it is an interesting book.