11 December 2006

Moonbase by 2020!

NASA says they'll establish the first premanent human base on the moon by 2020 at the latest. Read all about it on NASA's 'Why The Moon?' (you can also get a poster and other neat stuff!).

What do you think? Should we do this? Would you move to the moon?

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Mark Salow said...

It would be a good testing ground before settling on Mars. With its convenient proximity, we can more easily rectify problems and deal with crises as we test the off-earth living experience. Then we can settle on Mars -- so much farther away -- after we've mastered the techniques.

Living there, personally? Hmm, for a brief period it would be fascinating. But I know I'd miss the rain, trees and puppy dogs that we've got here -- so it could only be for a short time.