18 December 2006

Save the Novelists, Put Down Your Remote

Many of you know I'm not much of a television watcher. I spend far more time reading than I do watching. I've realized for some time that I'm among a small minority of Americans, but I didn't quite realize how much of a minority I was. The U.S. Census came out with a statistic that Americans spend around 1,500 hours a year watching T.V. In comparison, Americans spend about 160 hours reading novels. No wonder it is so hard for aspiring novelists to find a market for their book. Maybe if we all made a concentrated effort, we can change the average novel reading time to 161 next year! (Yes, I know, I set my sights high!)

1 comment:

lesleylsmith said...

Excellent idea/goal Dave!
I must admit, I've been known to read while I'm watching tv (I think the commercials are longer than the shows nowadays). Mysteries and chick-lit work best for this. Speculative fiction gets my whole attention!