30 January 2007

...3,2,1 blastoff!!

I think I can safely say I'm the procrastinator of the group. Hence, my pushing it to the wire for promoting the stories I edited. I did Comfort of Mirrors and Rainbow Bridge. One makes you think, the other makes you laugh. I don't know what more we can ask of an issue of our zine.

Truly, I enjoy spec fiction because it makes me think, but I must admit a good laugh is welcome when I'm kneedeep in stories that take themselves too seriously (mostly my own). I recently ran across a passage in one of my older books in which the characters are giving each other shi--, well, teasing each othe. (Sorry. We're a family blog here at ESEB, of course.) I laughed out loud. Then I read it to someone else, and he laughed out loud. Very rewarding.

I'm hoping there's something amusing in my extremely full inbox. Apologies to those who've been waiting a month or more for me to read. It's snowboarding season here in Colorado, but the inbox is going to the mountains with me this weekend. Good to know your stories are taking a trip to the Rockies even if you're not, eh?

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