28 January 2007

Sneak Preview

I wish Electric Spec could put out trailers like they do for movies. That way, people would get a taste of the shockingly good stories that are coming out, and hoards of people would anxiously wait by their computers for the next issue to go live.

Electric Spec might not have a Hollywood budget, but if you read the following in a deep, dramatic voice and play background music with lots of trumpets and violins, it will be almost the same.

The first trailer is an excerpt from "Any Given Shadow" by Justin Stanchfield:

Without cue, Kimmy tipped her head to the side and slipped the violin beneath her chin. She drew the bow down the strings. As she had done earlier, she tapped the pedal and let the note drop so low and loud the air pulsed with vibrato. Lost in the strangeness, Jon watched the dancers near the stage. A slender woman, her cowl thrown back to reveal a cap of short blonde curls, stood near the speaker column. As the computer enhanced note dropped further, her cloak seemed to melt and the person behind the screen was revealed. Jon stepped back, shocked. She turned toward him and smiled before the illusion reformed. He felt sick.

The face he had seen behind the mask was not human.

Intrigued? Read the rest of this amazing story on January 31!

The second trailer is an excerpt from "Possession is Nine Parts" by TW Williams:

Mekkukh slipped past the spell meant to trap him, riding it like a cork bobbing in a maelstrom. He chortled, causing his skin to blush then fade. Parmian would fight, just like all the others had.

Mekkukh was counting on it.

He needed the hot, sweet nectar of frustration-horror-fear-panic-helplessness-rage. He burbled in anticipation. After Parmian, the woman. And after her, the world.

Tingles running down your spine? Where can I read more, you ask? Electric Spec. January 31, 2007. Be there. (Fade music).

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