19 June 2007

What we do want, a review

I have thought A LOT about short stories since we've started Electric Spec and I have learned some things. Many of these things we have mentioned on the blog. Way back on 13 Dec 2006, Betsy said Put your story on a diet. This is very good advice. I added to it on 18 Dec 2006, when I posted concentrate your story: just put in the essential bits. I stand by this.

I also stand by my comments on 8 Feb 2007: Stories should be about more than one thing, and Add a dramatic human component. Betsy built upon this comment on 2 March 2007 when she introduced her Big Bang Theory of Writing in which Good stories are about more than one thing and all these things impact at the resolution. This is VERY good advice.

Thus, to summarize, Good Stories
  1. are concentrated, with nothing extraneous
  2. are about more than one thing--one of which is a dramatic human element
  3. all the bits impact at the resolution
So there you have it. If you write a story like that, we will buy it (even if it is about global warming).

Piece of cake, right? :)


David E. Hughes said...

Agreed. If the story is about global warming AND SOMETHING ELSE it has a much better chance of appealing to me.

ssas said...

Especially if the something else also ties in with global warming...