20 July 2007

Our writers rock!

I just read an article Ten Mistakes Writers Don't See and I have to say, at Electric Spec we don't see a lot of these. So, our writers rock! Keep it up! :)

Here's a summary of the mistakes:
  1. repeating words
  2. flat writing I'll come back to this
  3. too many adverbs
  4. characters talking about what they already know
  5. "no-good suffixes" huh?
  6. the 'to be' words
  7. lists
  8. show,don't tell I'll come back to this
  9. awkward phrasing
  10. commas

One of "mistakes" I occasionally see are flat writing, which I would call a boring voice. I blogged about this recently, July 17: 'Show us your ...voice'. :)

Another one I occasionally see is telling rather than showing. I've blogged about this, too. But it can be difficult to explain. Holt says, If you say, "she was stunning and powerful," you're *telling* us. But if you say, "I was stunned by her elegant carriage as she strode past the jury - shoulders erect, elbows back, her eyes wide and watchful," you're *showing* us. The moment we can visualize the picture you're trying to paint, you're showing us, not telling us what we *should* see..

Keep writing, and keep an eagle-eye out for these potential problems. :)

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ssas said...

I agree, I think we tend to see excellent stories. I just posted about this on another blog. Generally, it's a pleasure to read my slush pile.