17 July 2007

Show us your ...voice

I've been enjoying reading the stories in our Electric Spec inbox. Keep 'em coming folks!

I had to pass on a story recently because among other things, the author did not appear to have a voice, and hence the characters did not seem real. :(

What the heck is voice, anyway? Voice is basically the personality that comes through the writing and is achieved through word choice, syntax and the like. Maybe it's easier to grasp with the help of an example or two.

Jane walked to the door and went outside. She got in her spaceship and flew away.

Technically, this piece does have voice, but frankly it's a boring voice.

Brunehilda danced toward the front door. "Now you've gone somewhere else," she sang. "Far away. I don't know if I will find you." She smacked her elbow into the wall. "Frakkin',frak frak!" She grimaced as she wrenched the door open. She ran for her spaceship, not even bothering to close the door behind her. "I'm coming, sweetcheeks! I'm coming for you!"

Okay, that last one is pretty silly, but it is much more interesting, at least IMHO. Brunehilda seems real. Jane could be a robot for all we know. Ooh, wait, that could be interesting.... :)

So I don't care what your voice is. Maybe you like metaphors and similes. Maybe you like made-up words. Maybe you like your-choice-here.

Just show us your voice!

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