02 October 2007

Ailing short story?

No doubt some of you saw Stephen King's essay in the 9/30/07 Sunday Book Review of The New York Times: What Ails the Short Story. He claims the short story is alive but not well. Clearly, he doesn't read Electric Spec! :)

Let's prove him wrong. Support authors and read lots of short stories! And better yet, write lots of excellent short stories--and send them to us!
Our in-boxes are waiting! :)


David E. Hughes said...

Let's hope we're not getting too many of those "cop a feel" readers! I loved that comment by King.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the new issue everyone, and I love the cover art!

So, which of you editors will get Mr. King's attention focused on ESpec? Sounds like a perfect opportunity for even more publicity and an interesting challenge....