01 November 2007

BIG changes for the New Year at Electric Spec

After extensive deliberation, some tears, and no small amount of bribing, The Editors have agreed to change the publication dates for Electric Spec. As of 2008, our publication dates will be February 28, June 30, and October 31 (Boo!). This move is to avoid previous complications like New Year's Eve hangovers and back-to-school shopping.

Yeah, I know you thought We Editors were like teachers, who live in their classrooms, and who, in fact, cease to exist when students aren't around, but we're not. We're The Editors. We live in the real world, otherwise known as the Internet.

Please mark your calendars accordingly and The Editors regret any inconvenience.

1 comment:

David E. Hughes said...

Bribing? Wait a sec, I didn't get a bribe--I demand a recount!