28 November 2007


Apparently the big news in publishing this week is the unveiling of Amazon's new wireless reading device, called Kindle (and no, I'm not linking to it).

Frankly, I find the name kind of offensive. Fahrenheit 451 anyone? If you've tried this 'next big thing', post a comment and let us know what you think. Thanks!


Don said...

I think Nathan Bransford got it right: The iPod beat portable CD players because it was more convenient (I had considered pre-iPod getting an MP3 player but decided that the process of having to re-load it every day was going to be a pain... But most people only ever want one book at a time (and even a book junkie like me seldom carries more than three at a time). The case for something like this, still hasn't been made.

I think we'll need to see something like a book rental model for it to take off... the idea that you could pay, say $4-5 to have a book on the device for a preset time (or perhaps a netflix model where you get one book at a time in a queue-type arrangement with no due dates) might make sense, but the current set-up doesn't appeal to me at all.

ssas said...

I'm with you Don. There are also so many convenient things to download books onto already. Kindle doesn't seem different enough for me to invest.