01 February 2008

Lessing receives medal

Recall, we blogged that a spec fic author won the Nobel Prize for Lit?

Doris Lessing formally received her Nobel Prize for Literature Wednesday night. Lessing, 88, was not able to travel to Sweden for the Nobel presentation due to ill health.

"Thank you does not seem enough when you've won the best of them all," she said. "It is astonishing and amazing. I would like to say that there isn't anywhere to go from here. . . . I could get a pat on the head from the Pope."

She also said he could hear her father saying: "You're getting above yourself my girl and I don't like it."

What would you say? :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She is marvelous! I love her writing and she sounds like a humble person. I must agree that winning a Pulitzer and a Nobel would be the top of the writing game. A pat on the head from the Pope couldn't hurt either, but then what about one from the Dalai Lama?