12 February 2008

Writing on Reading: Jumper

I just read Jumper by Steven Gould. It was very good. I must I admit the movie previews made me curious. (However, after reading the book and seeing the movie previews, I'm thinking the book is not very much like the movie.)

In Jumper the protagonist is a teenaged-boy who can teleport. The author does an excellent job with characterization, torturing the boy (there are three specific horrible incidents), making the boy very sympathetic. Actually, it reminded me a little of Ender in Card's Ender's Game. The plot is also very good, with a very exciting last few chapters. Also, for a book published originally in 1992, Gould's awareness of middle-east terrorist factions is impressive. Kudos, Gould!

In case you're wondering why we've been 'Writing on Reading' over at Electric Spec, rather than commenting on submitted stories, I'll tell you: We haven't been reading new submissions, we've been putting together the new issue. This involves a lot of work, editing, etc. But on the bright side, the new issue will be out on February 28,2008 and it's our best ever! And yes, I know, I probably say that every time. :)
Stay tuned here for an interview at the end of the week... (more on this later)

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