11 July 2008

Sexism in spec fic lit?

Author Nicola Griffith posted a provocative blog entry yesterday "fainting, shame, and obviousness", which begins by comparing the relative number of male and female authors who've been awarded Hugos and Nebulas. Do you think more women or more men have won spec fic awards? I think we all know the answer to that question! Nicola goes on at some length, even quoting Lisa Tuttle from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. Check it out if you're interested in such things.

At Electric Spec, I must admit I don't pay any attention to the gender of an author. Glancing at the current issue, I see we have 75% female authors. Hhm... You might think since this is influenced by the fact we have more female editors than male. But, since our male editor is in touch with his feminine side, and since one of our female editors loves weapons/gore and general darkness/mayhem...I'm gonna say gender is totally immaterial at Electric Spec. :)

Do YOU think there's sexism in spec fic lit? If so, why?


sex scenes at starbucks said...

I think there's a gender bias in literature that follows a gender bias in life. I don't think it's genre-specific (except when it comes to romance/women's fic, in which a male friend of mine is having a terrible time being taken seriously).

I pay absolutely no attention to gender, just the weapons/gore and general darkness/mayhem. : )

David E. Hughes said...

In touch with my feminine side? I'll take that as a compliment.