05 October 2008

Countdown to Issue III

I'm very excited about our next issue of Electric Spec, coming out on October 31. Not only do we have some great stories, but we have an exciting author interview, our movie column, and something interesting in the Editor's Corner.

It is hard to believe that this will be our ninth issue of the magazine, and we're still going strong. In fact, we're planning some new surprises for 2009. We always welcome feedback and ideas about how to make the magazine even better. Feel free to post a comment about it or e-mails us at our "editors" address, which is on our website.


lesleylsmith said...

Hhm...ideas on how to make it better... I think the editors deserve a pay raise! :) Or, submissions must be accompanied by micro-brews. Okay, Gremlin Editor made me post this.

ssas said...

Did someone mention beer?

Margaret Yang said...

I like surprises.