02 February 2009

Issue Update

Here's a very quick update on the upcoming February 28 issue of Electric Spec. The editors had their production meeting over the weekend and selected stories for publication. Early this week all authors should hear if their 'hold for voting' story made it into the issue.

Kudos to all the authors. We had a heck of a time deciding on stories! There were many very, very good stories to choose from. If your story did not make it into this issue, please try us again. Several stories had to be declined because of concerns such as issue balance.

We also have some exciting changes in store with the next issue. Stay tuned for more info!

Perhaps the other editors would like to chime in about the production meeting or the exciting new changes? :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, tell us about the exciting changes!

lesleylsmith said...

Hi Renata!
I'll leave it up to the changer to brag about the changes...