08 February 2009

New Website

Lesley hinted at it, but I'm now announcing our upcoming


Lesley has done a fantabulous job with the design and operation of our current
website for the past three years.
(Let's hear it for Lesley!!!)
But, when we got offered a brand-new professional site, we just couldn't turn it down.
(More specific accolades to come.)

Besides making publication super-easy for us, it features hi-res graphics and leading-edge navigation technology to best highlight the lifeblood of our magazine: our stories. We still plan on offering downloading options, but I think most readers will prefer to read
our stories online in our new, easy-on-the-eye format.

The new website will debut with our Third Anniversary issue at the end of this month. Unfortunately, we anticipate a few delays, a brief submission stoppage,
and a shut-down prior to publication.
As soon as we nail down those dates, we'll let you know here and on the current site.

Okay...back to editing those upcoming stories!!

1 comment:

lesleylsmith said...

Hurray for Editor Betsy for all her hard work on the new web site!