09 March 2009

How to Keep Motivated to Write

I have this theory that most writers believe that writing is easier for other writers. Those other writers are filled with plot ideas, great characters, and lush settings that they pour on to the page with the same ease that they brush their teeth. In contrast, you just spent a frustrating two hours on one horrible paragraph that sucks and you're pretty sure you'll delete tomorrow. Not only that, but you are out of good ideas and may soon before forced to fall back on your crappy ones that people will laugh at.

Sound familiar to anyone? Those of you who are one of those "other writers," you can skip reading this blog entry. For that matter, you "other writers" can go eat some bad sushi--my treat. For the rest of us, I've found that one of the things that keeps me writing is my critique group. I have a deadline. I have readers. I have friends who bug me if I'm not writing.

Sometimes, writing for the "love" of it just wont hack it. It's nice to have another motivator to keep you going. 


Betsy Dornbusch said...

Deadlines are my favorite motivator.

lesleylsmith said...

Wow. Dave has sucky, horrible, crappy paragraphs and ideas? I don't believe it! :) You've kept them well-hidden, dude!
So, how's that new novel coming along? :)