16 June 2009

Right Market, Right Time

From under a pile of rejections, it is sometimes hard to remember that it is often not about your writing; it's about the market. For example, awhile back I stumbled upon a magazine that happened to be looking for a story set in a certain kind of world exploring a certain theme. I could hardly believe how well a story I'd written fit what these editors were looking for. My story had been rejected by several other markets, but sure enough I submitted it to this one and it sold.

So, don't get too discouraged in the submission process. Sooner or later you may well find the right market!

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lesleylsmith said...

Good point, Editor Dave. At ElectricSpec we have rejected many excellent stories that I enjoyed reading because it didn't fit our 'zine. What does fit our 'zine? Read it and find out! :)