29 June 2009


The blog's been quiet as we've been getting the new issue ready, but it is nearly ready and will go live on schedule, or maybe just a bit early as I'm leaving town for the holiday.

We've got 7 great stories--a slightly darker issue than usual, which, of course, I love. There are bugs and angels and all sorts of nasties...can't wait to show it to the world! Plus,we've an interview with Stuart Neville, whose debut novel is taking the British Isles by storm, and our regular movie column.

Our slush has also been quiet--not on the intake side! but on the reading side. I for one, with company and the holiday, am not likely to read until July.

Happy Fourth to our Stateside readers.

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writtenwyrdd said...

Holy bejezus, I have to say that bug story Creeped. Me. Out. Great stories in this issue (not counting mine, although of course I think it's super fantastic). But "The Bug In The Suit" pushed every squick button I possess.

I have to go scrub myself with bleach and steel wool now...