10 March 2011

repeat offenders

I mentioned at end of Februarythat we had a "repeat offender" in the new issue of Electric Spec. It turns out we had two repeat offenders in the current issue. In a story I described as emotionally poweful (i.e. creepy) we have End User by A.L. Sirois in the February 2011 issue. We also had Original Position by A.L. Sirois in our February 2010 issue. My apologies to A.L. for not mentioning this earlier. Interesingly, there's a bit of creepiness in this story, too. (Read it and find out for yourself.)

This prompted me to wonder just how many repeat offenders we've had over the years in Electric Spec. There are a few more:

  • David Redd gave us "Doctor Sam" in January 2006 and "Galactic Undesirables No. 3231: The Con Artist" in May 2006
  • Hank Quense gave us "The Impressario" in May 2006 and "The Rainbow Bridge" in January 2007
  • Stephen L. Antczak gave us "Pure Luck" in May 2006 and "Fade to Black" in September 2006
  • TW Williams gave us "The One-Legged Assassin" in September 2006 and "Possession is Nine Parts" in January 2007
  • Matthew Howe gave us "All Kinds of Monsters" in June 2008 and "Pusher" in August 2010

I think this proves we judge solely on story.

Please keep sending us your stories.
Enjoy the current issue! And feel free to check out the older issues, too. :)

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