14 January 2014

editorial miscellany

There's only a little more than 24 hours left until the deadline for the next issue of Electric Spec. Get those stories in! (And good luck!)

The editors are at differing levels of slush-pile completion. Consequently, some potential authors have gotten prompt responses and some have not gotten prompt responses. Editors are assigned stories randomly so don't read anything into this. The bottom line here is we will get back to you. Please do not email us for an update.

It turns out one of the editors has a book deadline at the end of February 2014, so we will be postponing the publication of the next issue to March 15, 2014. This is one-time-only publication postponement. The following issue will still be May 31, 2014. If you're interested in behind-the-scenes info, the production meeting is being pushed to the second week of February. :)

What else? We need art submissions for the cover. Please email us some art! See the info here: www.electricspec.com/submissions/submitting-art. We are also looking for an author interview. If you or someone you know has a speculative fiction novel coming out in the beginning of 2014, please let us know. I recommend you send an email to submissions at electric spec dot com, with the subject line: POTENTIAL INTERVIEW. Thanks!

Finally, a couple comments from the slush pile:

  • Don't randomly kill people. You wouldn't believe how many stories we get with murders. I suspect authors are shooting for macabre, but macabre is more spooky, more about subversion of reality and less about gore.
  • Don't start your story with pages of description. This might work for some markets, but not ours. Go ahead, check out our published stories, I dare you. :) Do any of them start with pages of description? No.

I hope your 2014 is going well and you're still on track for your writing-related resolutions.

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