16 May 2017

from Author Bowden

We will be publishing a fantasy "The Dratt is Coming" by Maureen Bowden in our next issue. Maureen was kind enough to say a few words about her inspirations and motivations...

Hello, Electric Spec readers,
My story, "The Dratt is Coming", is a product of my love of history and mythology. The protagonist, Gwenllian, the orphaned child of Prince Llywelyn ap Griffith and Eleanor de Montfort, was dumped in a monastery by Edward I. I decided to rescue her, transport her seven hundred and thirty years to the present day, and give her a life. The Dratt can be interpreted, if you wish, as a metaphor for any one of the many scourges that threaten us in the precarious twenty-first century. I've also drawn a comparison between the murkier aspects of the Internet and the Trojan Horse. I hope you enjoy my story and I hope it makes you laugh. That’s my main purpose in writing.
Love, Maureen.

Thanks a lot, Maureen! We appreciate your contribution.
You can read "The Dratt is Coming" starting May 31, 2017 at Electric Spec.

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