02 May 2017

production meeting

As promised here's what happened at the recent Electric Spec production meeting...
First of all, the meeting got postponed because of a blizzard in metro-Denver! Yikes! When we finally got together the snow had already started melting, the sun was shining, and we were all glad to get out of the house. All the editors had finished reading slush and had ranked their stories from top to bottom. I compiled a list of story totals and sent it out. A few stories we all really liked. We started at the top of the ranked totals and discussed. It took very little time to pick out five stories and some art work for the issue. Editors end up editting stories that were at or near the top of their individual ranked lists. We discussed some other Electric Spec business and that was about it for business. Easy-peasey.

We also had a discussion about rejection. All the editors are creative people and understand what's involved in submitting creative work. As creators we well know the disappointment of rejection. That's part of the gig. As editors we're sad we can't accept everything. So, if your story was rejected, you can take a little solace in knowing your story was publishable. It just wasn't a good fit for this particular issue. We empathize. Rejection sucks! But good luck in the future.

Folks who had stories in hold-for-voting (and you know who you are because you received an email already) should receive an email today or very soon with the decisions. If we selected your story, you will also receive a contract. Please look over the contract and other info in the email and get back to us soon. Once we receive the signed contract back, we'll start editting.

And we do edit. Authors need to be able to take some feedback. We do not rewrite your story. We make suggestions. In our twelve years of existence I think one time the editor and the author couldn't agree on story edits and we went our separate ways.

We also ask for bios, webpage links, etc. which we post on the Electric Spec website under Links. We've been asking creative folks for comments for this blog (Right here!) as well. Please consider telling us about your creative process!

So, stay tuned right here. I'll start blogging about the upcoming marvelous May 31, 2017 issue next week!

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Unknown said...

I received a list of questions and concerns from my editor, and I was a little surprised at first that there were so many, if the story had already been accepted. But I sat with them for a day, and eventually appreciated the wisdom in making many points I thought the reader would figure out more explicit. I was fortunate to get such a good editor at Electric Spec. Thank you, Lesley!