06 June 2017

issue zeitgeist

I'm still enjoying the marvelous May 2017 issue of Electric Spec and I hope you are, too. :)
Even after twelve years, it's a little remarkable to me that each issue seems to achieve its own unique zeitgeist. I'd say the zeitgeist of this new issue is competition. We have two stories "Northwest Regional" and "Corporate Robo Renegade Piston" which are explicitly about competition. The other three stories also have competitive elements of the 'good versus evil' variety. Even Nikki's review has a 'love versus hate' dichotomy.

Of course, art isn't created in a vacuum... Is competition in the air in our human zeitgeist? I think it is. I'm happy that authors can capture that zeitgeist and use it in constructive ways.
And I'm grateful that we at Electric Spec can share the results of that creativity with the world at large.

We're accepting submissions for our awesome August 2017 issue. Send us your stories!

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