13 June 2017

toot toot!

We aren't ones to toot our own horn, but Electric Spec is pretty popular. (Okay, so now, apparently, we are ones to toot.)
We've had a few different hosters so I don't have stats for our entire run of the ezine. But, so far this year, we've had approximately 29,183 visits and 95,989 hits. W00t! This is neat because it means authors and artists get eyes--and we're all about getting recognition for our authors and artists. And sharing awesome creative content, of course! We love our readers.

As an indicator of the ezine's popularity, I do have the stats for the blog's entire run. And they're pretty nice:
Pageviews all time history: 586,531.
I also love that we're international. Check out the graphic below:

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