01 May 2018

May 2018 Production Meeting

We, the Editors, are hard at work on the marvelous May 2018 issue of Electric Spec. Emails to authors who made it into hold-for-voting are going out about now. Some will get rejections. :( Some will get acceptances with contracts and info about deadlines, schedules and their personal editor and the process moving forward. Thus, if you submitted for this issue you should have heard something from us by now. If not, something went awry: please submit, being careful with your subject line. Once in a while stories do disappear into the ether...
Thank you very much if you did submit.

We were very pleased with the variety and quality of the stories this time. For example, there were several stories combining science fiction, fantasy and/or horror elements. We love that!
In miscellaneous news, we're pondering a redesign of the whole Electric Spec website. If you have strong opinions, please leave a comment.

The other major takeaway from the meeting is we were sorry we couldn't publish every story in hold-for-voting. They were all publishable. So, if you got in there: congratulations! I'm being sincere. That is an accomplishment. You are an author. If not here, I do believe your story will find publication elsewhere.

Next time we'll start blogging about the new issue!

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