29 January 2019


We, the Electric Spec Editors, are working hard on the fabulous February 2019 issue. I believe slush reading is completed. This means everyone that submitted before the Jan 15, 2019 deadline should have received an initial email by now. This initial email would be essentially 'No, Thanks,' or, 'Stay tuned.' If you submitted before the deadline, and haven't heard back from us, your story might be lost in cyberspace (sorry!).
The editors are busy ranking the finalists in anticipation of our Production Meeting this weekend. At the Production Meeting we'll make all the final decisions. Which stories will we publish? Which art will we use for the cover? What will we put in Editors Corner? Thus, next week, I'll blog about the new issue! Yay!

In the meantime...
I've been struck recently by how subjective art--including short stories--appreciation is. I received a couple reviews of a piece that were polar opposites. One reviewer thought it was wonderful. One reviewer thought it was horrible.
I think it comes down to if the reader can empathize with the protagonists. Does the reader see him/herself in the characters? Sometimes, an author and a reader are very different and it doesn't happen. That's okay.

I guess my point is, if we don't publish your story, that doesn't mean other editors won't love it. It doesn't mean many readers won't love it. Good luck placing it elsewhere!

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