05 February 2019

production meeting notes

We, the Electric Spec Editors, recently had the Production Meeting for our fabulous February 28, 2019 issue!
Final stories were chosen with difficulty--because there were so many good options. Final art was chosen with difficulty (ditto many good options). Most authors in hold-for-voting heard back from us Sunday Feb 3. A few have yet to hear, but will soon.
For the first time, more than one editor had the same number-one story and really wanted to edit it. I had to step in to avert violence, or at least, very strong words and spilled food. :)

The hold-for-voting zeitgeist for this issue appeared to be some kind of London Fog. We had more than one spooky, London-based, and/or fog-filled story. I find this whole zeitgeist thing to be fascinating! Don't you?

In surreal news, we had to navigate through hundreds of golden retrievers to get to our meeting. I kid you not!

Next time: more specifics about the upcoming issue!

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