26 October 2021

behind the scenes

Whew! We are busy behind the scenes at Electric Spec. We had so, so many great stories submitted for this issue. If there was a slump in creativity brought on by the pandemic, it seems to be over. Yay!
If you submitted to us, you should have received an email by now saying either 'Stay tuned,' or 'Sorry, not this time.' Somehow, it seems like one or two submissions get lost in cyberspace for each issue. Not sure how or why this happens. So, to be clear, if you did not hear from us, we did not get your story. (Bummer!) Please consider resubmitting (for the fabulous first 2022 issue).

What's next? All the editors are carefully considering the finalist stories and ranking them in order of preference. We have our production meeting coming up this weekend. No doubt, this will be a contentious knock-down, drag-out fight! Or not. :)

I'll let you know, next week.

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