19 October 2021

Short Story Workshop

Over the weekend, I presented a short story workshop at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (rmfw.org) annual writer's conference. The workshop was a blast! The whole conference was a blast! :)
Consider joining, or creating, a local writer's group if you don't already belong to one.

It was called "Writing Short: Focus on Short Stories."
There are many excellent reasons to write short fiction. Short stories are a great way to hone your craft. Short stories are a great way to get your name out there and get new readers. Short fiction is great for giveaways on your website or newsletter or for deals/ads. Short storeis are a great way to make some money--or not.

The craft section included discussions of characterization, plot, setting, emotion, theme, symbols, voice, mood, and style. The middle section was about marketing. A short story is a marketing asset. The final section was about different fiction publishers and rewards that aren't necessarily cash.
The bottom line is: short stories are valuable on many levels.
Good luck writing short!

Savvy writers know we closed to submissions for the notable November 2021 issue of Electric Spec! But don't worry; we're accepting subs for the February 2022 issue. Get those stories in!

For those who did get their stories in, we are hard at work behind the scenes...
I'll tell you more next week.

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