02 August 2022

Aug Production Meeting

Over the weekend we had a great Production Meeting for the awesome August 2022 issue of Electric Spec! We had an unusual number of excellent stories to choose from--leading to a spirited discussion. Yes, Editors have different opinions about stories! Authors perhaps don't know editors have to consider things like genre balance, as well. This time we had a lot of wonderful fantasy stories--so, they couldn't all make it into the issue. The editors also discussed pandemic stories and decided ...we're not ready for them yet. Some markets may be; but wait a little while yet to send us your pandemic story.

So, all authors should have received an email from us with either a 'Yay,' or 'Nay,' by now, along with a contract and other info. We haven't heard back yet from all the authors, so check your spam folder(s)!
If you think you sent us a story by the issue deadline of July 15, 2022 and you haven't heard from us--you're story may be lost in cyberspace. I don't know why, but sometimes we don't get stories. :(

In other news, at least one of the editors will be at the annual rambunctious Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference in Denver in early September 2022. Writers conferences are awesome opportunities to learn more about the craft of writing and to have loads of fun! There's lots of info online about many, many conferences. You can also check with your public library for resources in your local area.

Next time we'll start bragging about the new issue! Be sure to check it out!

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