14 November 2023

From November Author Bowden

We are excited to announce one of our featured stories in the awesome November 2023 Electric Spec is "Coffee with a Repentant Ghost" by Maureen Bowden. Maureen was kind enough to send us some comments about the story:

I belong to a little circle of writers. We discuss and critique each other’s work, as well as chatting about life, the universe and everything. We constantly put the world to rights but unfortunately the world won’t listen. We also take turns in setting a writing challenge every month. A recent one was to write about meeting a ghost for coffee. It inspired my story, ‘Coffee with a Repentant Ghost.’

I approached the story by considering what would be the ghost’s motivation for hanging around on the physical plain. It must be more substantial than just nostalgia. I hit upon match-making with a touch of emotional blackmail thrown into the mix. I added a couple of references to non-fictional characters and actual places to assist in the suspension of disbelief and I had my story. It was great fun to write. I hope you good folk find it fun to read.

Interesting! Thanks, Maureen! Be sure to check out all the new stories on November 30, 2023!

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