17 November 2006

Electric Spec's Selection Process--Revealed!

I’ve noticed that we have not posted the specifics of our selection process, so here it is. When a story is submitted to our “submissions” address, it is randomly distributed to one of our four editors. The editor reads the stories distributed to him or her. If the editor decides a story is not right for use he/she will send an e-mail to the author saying so. If the editor can’t decide, he or she will pass it on to another editor for a second opinion. Finally, if the editor thinks the story might work for us in the next issue, he or she notifies the author that we will hold the story for voting.

The editors have a production meeting about a month and a half before the next issue comes out. There, we discuss all the stories that have been held for voting. Although the quality of the story is paramount, we also look at how stories will work together in each issue to create variety and balance. After the production meeting, we e-mail the authors and let them know whether we have selected their story for the next issue.

I should mention that the process does not stop there. Our editors actually edit the stories we’ve selected. These edits can rage from very minor revisions to significant ones.

Is there something else you are just dying to know? Just ask and we'll try to address it in this blog.


lesleylsmith said...

I think you commented last month on what you don't like, but what do you like?
What makes a story 'unputdownable' for you, Dave?

lesleylsmith said...

Maybe you should save the answer to that question for a blog entry?
How about everyone else? What's 'unputdownable'? Editor answers would make good blog entries. :)