09 November 2006

Implications and Consistency Combined with Craft

Author Mark Salow has posted some interesting commentary regarding the futurist perspective in speculative fiction. It's inspiring to find a writer who not only works the craft, but considers the philosophical implications and consistency of his message. I'll have to check out Darwin's Orphans to see if he does all of it well.


lesleylsmith said...

We expect a report back on the book when you're finished! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was hoping that the author might submit a short story to Electric Spec.

Mark Salow said...

OK, OK, I'll post my latest opus when it's ready...most likely after the holidays. Until then, your can read the prologue and first chapter of Darwin's Orphans at: http://books.iuniverse.com/viewbooks.asp?isbn=0595397778&page=1

Anonymous said...

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