14 November 2007

UFOs = Science Fiction?

Why is fiction based on the idea that aliens have visited our planet labeled science fiction or even fantasy while other equally implausible scenarios are not? For example, it is a huge stretch, to say the least, to believe that Jesus of Nazareth had children who are now protected by a secret society. On the other hand, lots of very credible people believe they have seen UFOs. Take today's article in MSNBC , which discusses an international panel of pilots and governmental officials who have called on the U.S. government to re-open UFO investigations, citing safety and security concerns.

I think editors, agents, and ultimately readers should be able to distinguish between something that is clearly science fiction (i.e. a Men in Black scenario) and a situation that may be more plausible than many people want to believe.


lesleylsmith said...

What's wrong with Unidentified Flying Objects? I've seen a lot of stuff I can't identify! :)
Clearly, there's a lot of historical inertia in the publishing business which is quite irrational. Good luck in your quest, Dave!

Betsy Dornbusch said...

historical inertia--I love that! What a great name for a blog! Or a band. :)