17 January 2008

Behind the scenes...

What's happening at Electric Spec behind the scenes these days? Well I'll tell you. The editors are furiously reading and judging the stories in the 'closed round' and they're trying to line up necessary tech assistance and special features such as possible interviews and/or reviews. One is polishing an Editor's Corner story. We're all looking at and judging art submissions, and generally getting ready for the big production meeting at the end of January. We're also accepting new stories and art for the summer 2008 issue. Phew!

What this means is, if you submitted and did not make it to the closed round, Congratulations, competition was fierce! If you did make it to the closed round, we'll be contacting you probably in early February 2008 with the news, good or bad. Again, Congrats to those in the closed round. Then in Feb we will work with authors on editing and we will generally put the issue together.

Check back here for more info as it becomes available. :)

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