05 January 2008

Statistics for our Next Issue

We know the competition is tough for getting a story published. How tough? Well, for Electric Spec we received 229(!) short story submissions for our next issue alone. Of those, we've held 24 for voting, and there may be some more that we hold for voting in the most recent batch. We usually end up choosing six or seven of those stories for publication. Statistically speaking, that means you have around at 2.6 percent chance of getting published when you submit a story to Electric Spec.

What does all this mean? It should be good news for both readers and writers. For readers, that means that every issue you read will be the cream of the crop--you'll be reading some great short stories. For writers, it means that a story selected for Electric Spec is a great writing credit, one that you should be proud of and looks good on your writing resume.

1 comment:

lesleylsmith said...

Wow, 229! That's crazy awesome! Hurray authors!