08 January 2008

hobgoblin consistency?

I've heard it said that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. I guess Ralph Waldo Emerson agreed with this, I can't say I do (of course maybe wise consistency is another matter). :)
Please be internally consistent with the stories you send to Electric Spec. If you say your protagonist has no emotions, please don't have him/her/it sighing, surprised, feeling whatever. If your protagonist is immobile, don't have him/her/it describing various different scenery. I can't speak for my fellow editors, but inconsistency is an automatic rejection for me. :(

Please send us your (consistent) stories for the June 2008 Electric Spec issue. I have a secret hint for blog readers: we are a little more lenient in holding stories over for voting at the beginning of the submission cycle, e.g. now. Good luck!

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