28 April 2008

Nebula award winners

The Nebula Award winners were announced this past weekend. The winner for Short Story was "Always" by Karen Joy Fowler. Read more about it at SFWA Nebula News. Congratulations to all the winners! Was anyone there at the Nebula Weekend? If so, post a comment! :)


Anonymous said...

Probably the best run Nebula weekend ever. Even the banquet food was good. John Moore was the emcee and kept it running smoothly with no flat spots. Joe Lansdale did the toastmaster speech, Author Emeritus Ardath Mayhar did a kind of farewell speech and got a standing ovation. Grandmaster Michael Moorcock came up to the stages on his crutches and talked about the New Wave the early days of postmodern SF. Michael Chabon was there to receive his Best Novel award in person. He didn't get there in time for the mass autographing, so he autographed books outside after the ceremony. Norton Award nominees Sarah Beth Durst and Elizabeth Wein were there also, but the award went to J.K. Rowling, who probably doesn't know or care if it exists. The actual awards are beautiful and the whole thing ran only 10 minutes past its schedule, which is probably a record for the Nebulas. Aftwards, all the writers and nominees went down to the Hospitality Suite partied until 2am, which is when the bars close in Austin.

lesleylsmith said...

Thanks, anonymous. :)
It sounds wonderful! Some day I'm going to have to go.