06 May 2008

Future Ain't What It Used To Be?

There's a funny/interesting post by spec fic author Mario Acevedo over at Eos Books blog, in which he states "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be". Mario refers mostly to pulp SF visions of the future including floating bubble cities, unisex silver overalls, rocket packs, etc.

IMHO, speculative fiction has come a long way since the pulps. Reading their 'gee-whiz' naivete is a charming form of time-travel in which the authors believe in the best of human beings. It was never realistic. Today's spec fic authors have embraced the full gamut of human qualities from evil to, yes, naivete. :) I like that better, personally. In fact, the best authors extrapolate the realistic problems of technology (aerial rocket pack jams?) in addition to showing their 'gee whiz' qualities. Send Electric Spec some stories like that!

What do you think? We are living in yesterday's future. Is the future what it used to be? :)

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