05 May 2008

Rock On, Orson!

In the new Tor/Forge newsletter, Orson Scott Card wrote an interesting article on why he still  writes short stories even though they don't pay the bills. He also pointed out something we strongly believe in at Electric Spec. He said:

"But I hope you’ll also remember that there are new writers out there, trying to be part of the conversation. Look for magazines — online or in print — and anthologies and collections. Give them a try. I can promise you that now and then — more often than you might suppose — you’ll find something and somebody wonderful. Because if sci-fi is to survive as a genre, it won’t be because readers stick to books with familiar names on the cover. . . .  And if a new generation is to take flight, it will fledge in the nest of short fiction."

Welcome to our nest!

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lesleylsmith said...

Nice post, D! I must admit I skimmed the newsletter and did not notice the article--and I really like Mr. Card! :)